Meeting on August 17. Answer for everything! Putin runs from Moscow Video - Mp3 indir

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  • Yayınlandı Aug 13, 2019

  • Putin runs from Moscow. And we can see it by the behavior that he demonstrates during rallies in Moscow. The video will focus on the rallies, which are scheduled for August 17. You learn that the mayor, besides, with a holiday, watches that people didn't come to meetings. They talk about the lawlessness of the security forces and the government against civilians. Let's talk about how peaceful walks translate into mass protests. We will discuss the situation with some citizens who have been subjected to violence by the security forces of Putin, Medvedev and their entourage. Let's talk about the opposition in Moscow, about the government's provocations against opposition deputies. The channel "LIVENEWS" constantly shares with you news of politics and economy. We are talking about the government, including Putin, Medvedev, Matvienko, Volodin, the government, the state Duma and the Federation Council. We cover the activities of the opposition in the person of Grudinin, Navalny, Yashin, Gudkov, Rashkin, Platoshkin, Sable. We do not bypass the systemic opposition represented by Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky, the Communist party and the LDPR. We condemn the actions of the United Russia party. We monitor sanctions and oligarchs, including Sechin, Miller, Gref, Rotenberg, Usmanov, Deripaska, Timchenko, etc. We are interested in power and corruption. We discuss officials, deputies and senators. We analyze new laws and bills, new taxes, tariffs, fees and excises. We are against the pension reform of Putin and Medvedev, against raising the retirement age. We do not support the decision of the government of Putin and Medvedev to raise tariffs, food prices, tariffs for services, prices for goods and fuel. We are talking about poverty and misery in Russia. The people of Russia are against many of Putin's initiatives, and we fully support our people!
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